UPI welcomed the visitation from Daegu Catholic University

Bandung, UPI

Vice Rector of Research, Partnerships, and Business of Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia (UPI), Prof. Dr. Didi Sukyadi, M.A., welcomed Daegu Catholic University on Monday (12/2) at Ruang Rapat (meeting room) on the 2nd floor of Isola building.

Daegu Catholic University was represented by Mr. Song as Director of International Office, Ms. Kim as Dean of Hotel Management and Tourism, Ms. Cho as Dean of Medical Management, and Ms. Kwon as Program Manager of International Office. In regard to the cooperation that relates to Korean Affairs and Tourism Department, this welcoming meeting was also attended by Head of Tourism Marketing Management Department, Yeni Yuniawati, S.Pd.,MM and Head of Korean Language Department, Didin Samsudin, S.E., M.M.,.

Hosted by Head of OIER, Ahmad Bukhori Muslim, Ph.D., the meeting was held to welcome and strengthen the partnership which has been going on for several years between both universities.

Prof. Didi Sukyadi mentioned that it would be a good opportunity if more international collaborations can be realized between Daegu Catholic University and UPI such as student exchange, conferences, double-degree program, and more others. UPI will welcome more international students to study here as UPI has been preparing to become World-Class University.

“It would be better for both universities to extend the programs which have been conducted previously, and improved more programs in staff exchange and elaborating more cooperation such as for joint-conference or joint-publication. UPI is always open for international collaboration.”

Mr. Song as the Director of International Office in Daegu Catholic University agreed on the cooperation elaboration with UPI and he stated that UPI is one of the most active universities in terms of its international affairs. Apart from that, UPI has been recognized as the largest education university which makes it considerable for other universities to do international collaboration.

The agenda of the visitation covered not only the welcoming meeting but also Campus Tour to look around the facilities, such as the faculties, the international office, the library, and the dormitory as well as the environment in UPI. After the welcoming meeting and lunch, the four delegates from Daegu Catholic University were escorted to the first building to visit, Faculty of Social Science Education, since the cooperation would be under the Tourism Management Department. Hopefully, the cooperation with Daegu Catholic University would be a good opportunity for UPI to develop its international partnership and improve the quality of the students and the university. (Ansi)