Visitation and Signing Ceremony Liana Segrus Co Ltd. Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia

In a momentous step towards fostering international collaboration, Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia (UPI) recently hosted a Visitation and Signing Ceremony to formalize a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with Liana Segrus Co. Ltd, a prominent Japanese aviation company on Monday, 15 January 2024. The productive agenda was attended by the Prof. Dr. Bunyamin Maftuh, M.Pd., M.A. (Vice Rector for Research, Business, and Partnerships), Prof. Dr. Ahmad Bukhori Muslim (Director of the Directorate of International Affairs), Prof. Dr. Indri Tri Hardini, M.Pd. (Dean of the Faculty of Language and Literature Education), UPI distinguished delegates, Mr. Kazuya Yamanouchi (President Director Liana Segrus Co. Ltd), Partner’s distinguished delegates, and representatives from Indonesian Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

The discussion began with an introduction to UPI’s distinguished profile as a leading and outstanding educational institution. The collaboration’s objectives were outlined, emphasizing the desire to facilitate more Indonesian students in interning in Japan. The partnership also seeks to bridge the gap between academic knowledge and industrial application, contributing to the development of high-quality human resources in Indonesia. Diplomatic ties between Indonesia and Japan further motivated this collaboration to strengthen ties between the two parties and create opportunities for Indonesian students to undergo internships in Japan.

The agenda centered around the formal signing of the MoU by Prof. Dr. Bunyamin Maftuh, M.Pd., M.A and Mr. Kazuya Yamanouchi, with the presence of Prof. Tri Indri Hardini, M.Pd., Dean of the Faculty of Language and Literature Education and Mr. Sutrisno, the representative from PT. Liana Segrus Indonesia.

Following this, Mr. Reinaldo Takasu, staff for HR Division, presented an overview of ANA Narita Airport Services, expressing the company’s interest in individuals who can learn the intricacies of airport management through internships. He highlighted various internship positions available, including passenger services, ground handling, engineering, and operations management. The benefits of permanent employment were also emphasized, including flight allowances, company-provided accommodation, and additional rewards like Tokyo Disney Resort Discount Tickets.

The event took place at Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia, Bandung, which symbolizing the commitment of both parties towards collaboration and cultural exchange. The ceremony concluded with interview sessions, including a comprehensive interview lasting more than 2 hours, conducted in a conducive and organized manner. The collaborative efforts between UPI and Liana Segrus Co. Ltd represent a significant stride towards enhancing educational opportunities and cross-cultural experiences for Indonesian students.

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