Want to Change Address in Passport Because Street Names Are Changed? following explanation

Changing personal data in a passport is common for passport owners who want to add their name, change their name or change their domicile. However, have you ever thought of a situation when the passport owner is faced with the fact that the name of the street where his house is located has been changed? If so, what should be done? Sub-Coordinator of Public Relations of the Directorate General of Immigration, Achmad Nur Saleh, said that there are two things that people can do when they experience this.

“Change of address data can be done when someone changes their passport. Or, if the street name change occurs shortly after the person has changed his passport, he may write his latest address on the last page. The public does not need to worry, because writing the new address will not have an impact on the validity of the passport,” explained Achmad.

The passport biodata page itself does not actually include the full address of the passport holder. However, the address information is stored in the Immigration database. Therefore, the public is not required to change their address as quickly as possible.

“The mechanism for changing the address of the passport holder is already regulated in laws and government regulations in the event of a change in a person’s civil status. Immigration will adjust to the attached identification documents, including Identity Cards (KTP) and Family Cards (KK). So when the address on the ID card has changed, we will adjust it,” he said.

Therefore, he appealed to people who wish to change their passports and at the same time change their address information in the Immigration database to complete the process of changing the data at the local Disdukcapil Office first.

Provisions related to passport holder data are contained in Article 49 PP No. 31 of 2013 concerning Implementing Regulations of the Immigration Law, which states that passport applicants must attach the requirements of a valid Identity Card, Family Card, Birth Certificate, Marriage Certificate or Marriage Book and Diploma or Baptism Certificate. In addition, Article 48 states that ordinary passports and electronic passports are issued using the Immigration Management Information System (SIMKIM).

The rules for changing addresses are explained in Article 14 of Law no. 23 of 2006 concerning Population Administration, which reads:

“In the event of a change in the address of the Resident, the Implementing Agency is obliged to issue a change in the Resident Registration document. Further provisions regarding the requirements and procedures for issuing changes to the Population Registration document are regulated in a Ministerial Regulation (Permendagri).”

“Changes in passport holder data at SIMKIM are free of charge, applicants only pay PNBP for passport replacement applications,” concluded Achmad.