What are the Travel Requirements for Foreigners to Enter Indonesian Territory? This is the Answer

Increasing interest of foreign tourists to travel to Indonesia and the normal business cycle has inevitably led to more and more questions regarding the provisions for entering Indonesian territory. This is understandable, considering that during the last two years there have been many changes in regulations that have occurred due to adjusting to pandemic conditions.

 The following are some public questions regarding the travel requirements of foreign nationals to enter Indonesia which were collected by the editorial team of the Directorate General of Immigration:
1. I will come to Indonesia in June 2022, please let me know what is health insurance/travel insurance and the results of the RT PCR test. needed?
2. What are the travel requirements for Visa On Arrival users?
3. Can I pay Visa On Arrival with US Dollars or other foreign currencies?
4. Can I apply for a Visa On Arrival if you enter Indonesia by land?
5. Can a stateless person apply for a visa?

Responding to the questions that often pass through the communication channels of the Directorate General of Immigration, the Sub-Coordinator of Public Relations, Achmad Nur Saleh, gave the following complete answers:
Health Protocols are not within the jurisdiction of the Directorate General of Immigration

Maybe the public considers the health care services of Overseas Travelers (PPLN) also the responsibility of Immigration. However, it should be noted that the most important regulators of health protocols are the Covid-19 Task Force and the Ministry of Health,” he explained.
Therefore, people who want to know the updated information on the PPLN health protocol can check the latest circular on the website https://covid19.go.id/. The latest PPLN health protocol regulation to date is the SE Covid-19 Task Force No. 19 of 2022, which can be downloaded HERE.

For additional information, on June 8, 2022, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs issued SE/00081/PK/06/2022/64 which is an addendum to the SE/Satgas COVID-19 No. 19/2022 on Health Protocols. The addendum states that foreigners who will enter the territory of the Republic of Indonesia do not need to show proof of ownership of health insurance. This policy is temporary, and will be readjusted according to global health developments.
“PPLN will also undergo a health check at the airport or port. It is better to prepare funds/cash for this inspection process, there may be tests that must be carried out,” he said.

Foreigners Subject to Visa On Arrival (VOA) Ensure that Passports are Valid for At least Six Months
Meanwhile, continued Achmad, Foreigners from countries that are subject to Visa On Arrival must ensure that the validity period of their passports is at least 6 (six) months from the date of arrival in Indonesia. They are also required to show a travel ticket to leave Indonesia after the holiday is over.
VOA Fee of IDR 500,000
Foreigners who want to apply for VOA but have not exchanged currency need not worry. At the arrival hall (arrival hall) before passing through immigration checks, they will find a Bank Rakyat Indonesia (BRI) counter. They can exchange currency and make VOA payments at the counter.
“After that, proceed to immigration checks to verify completeness of documents and give VOA,” said Achmad.
VOA is Provided at Several Air, Sea and Land Immigration Checkpoints (TPI)
On 27 May 2022, the Acting Director General of Immigration, Widodo Ekatjahjana issued Circular No. IMI-0603.GR.01.01 Year 2022 which provides immigration facilities to support sustainable tourism during the Covid-19 pandemic. In the SE, several TPIs can provide Visa On Arrival facilities, namely as follows:

(1) Airport Immigration Checkpoints:
(a) Hang Nadim di Kepulauan Riau,
(b) Hasanuddin di Sulawesi Selatan,
(c) Juanda di Jawa Timur,
(d) Kualanamu di Sumatera Utara,
(e) Ngurah Rai di Bali,
(f) Sam Ratulangi di Sulawesi Utara,
(g) Soekarno Hatta di DKI Jakarta,
(h) Yogyakarta di DI Yogyakarta, dan
(i) Zainuddin Abdul Majid di Nusa Tenggara Barat;

(2) Seaport Immigration Checkpoints:
(a) Benoa di Bali,
(b) Bandar Bentan Telani Lagoi di Kepulauan Riau,
(c) Bandar Seri Udana Lobam di Kepulauan Riau,
(d) Batam Centre di Kepulauan Riau,
(e) Citra Tri Tunas di Kepulauan Riau,
(f) Dumai di Riau,
(g) Marina Teluk Senimba di Kepulauan Riau,
(h) Nongsa Terminal Bahari di Kepulauan Riau,
(i) Sekupang di Kepulauan Riau,
(j) Sri Bintan Pura di Kepulauan Riau, dan
(k) Tanjung Balai Karimun di Kepulauan Riau;

(3) Cross-border Post Immigration Checkpoints:
(a) Aruk di Kalimantan Barat,
(b) Entikong di Kalimantan Barat,
(c) Mota’in di Nusa Tenggara Timur, dan
(d) Tunon Taka di Kalimantan Utara.

A Visit Visa Can Be Apply For By A Stateless Foreigner
People who have already applied for a visa must have seen the column “Immigration Document (Dokim)” listed on the document upload page. Achmad explained, what is meant by Immigration Documents is a passport or other document that functions like a passport.

“Thus, stateless foreigners can apply for an Indonesian visa, as long as they have other documents which the country of origin recognizes as having the function of a passport. For example, there are countries where residents at their borders are not issued with a regular passport, but are granted an ‘Alien Passport’. It can be used for visa applications,” explained Achmad.

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