What is the Free Student Exchange?

“The Freedom Student Exchange Program 2022 is a student exchange program within Indonesia for one semester. Through this program, students as the successors of the nation are invited to gain learning experiences at the best universities throughout Indonesia. Through this program, students will also receive up to 20 credit recognition. In addition, students can also experience the diversity of the archipelago firsthand, both in writing and in practice. The Freedom Student Exchange Program (PMM) 2022 is the second cohort and will be held during the 2022/2023 fall semester and managed by the PMM Program Team 2 from Kemendikbudristek. The goals of the Freedom Student Exchange Program for students are to: increase national insight, integrity, solidarity, and a bond of national unity among students throughout Indonesia through intercultural learning; develop adaptable leadership and soft skills to various backgrounds, thereby increasing the value of unity and nationalism; provide students with the opportunity to learn at the receiving university and receive credit recognition; and strengthen, increase, and enrich student competencies. 

The goals of the Freedom Student Exchange Program for universities are to: improve the ability of universities to provide high-quality learning and manage student exchange programs; provide ideas for internalization or development of program management at the receiving and sending universities; and the benefits of participating in the Freedom Student Exchange Program include the opportunity to explore and learn about the diversity of Indonesian culture, make friends with students from various regions, learn at other universities in Indonesia, develop leadership, self-confidence, and social sensitivity, and receive an e-certificate from the Directorate of Higher Education, Research, and Technology of Kemendikbudristek. The Freedom Student Exchange Program has been adjusted to the current conditions and/or Covid-19 health protocols. The location of the receiving university must be outside the student’s home university. The Freedom Student Exchange Program is open to all students from universities in Indonesia who meet the requirements and are willing to follow the rules set by the Ministry of Education and Culture.”