Bridging Cultures: Successful Lecture on Indonesian Local Wisdom at BUFS

Busan, November 14 — Busan University of Foreign Studies (BUFS) bore witness to a remarkable public lecture titled “Local Wisdom in Learning Indonesian as a Foreign Language.” The event received high appreciation from participating Korean students.

Prof. Dr. Yulianeta, M.Pd., an expert in literature and Indonesian as a Foreign Language (BIPA) from the Master’s Program in BIPA Education and the Indonesian Language and Literature Program, served as the keynote speaker. With enthusiasm and academic expertise, Prof. Dr. Yulianeta delivered an engaging and interactive presentation, taking students on a profound journey into the cultural richness and local wisdom of Indonesia.

The activity garnered appreciation from BUFS Korean students, showcasing their interest and eagerness to understand the Indonesian language and culture. They expressed positive feedback on the unique teaching approach that focused on local wisdom. Prof. Yulianeta provided deep insights into how Indonesia’s cultural wealth can be integrated into learning the Indonesian language, creating memorable and meaningful learning experiences.

During the Q&A session, students actively participated by posing questions and engaging in discussions about various aspects of Indonesian life and culture. Prof. Yulianeta thoroughly answered each question, providing a deeper understanding of local wisdom and the values embedded in Indonesian culture.

The event served not only as a platform to delve into the Indonesian language but also as a bridge to enrich cultural understanding between Indonesia and Korea. The exchange of ideas between the speaker and students created an inspiring atmosphere, motivating them to explore foreign languages and cultures further.

With the success of this activity, BUFS and UPI hope to continue their collaboration in similar programs in the future. Both institutions are committed to supporting knowledge and cultural exchange to enrich the international learning experiences of students.

Through this event, BUFS and UPI have built a close partnership, bridging the two countries through a shared love for language and culture. It is hoped that events like these serve as a starting point to explore deeper collaboration potential in international education.

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