UPI Conducts Perception Alignment and Competency Test for National Workload Assessment Assessors

Bandung – Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia (UPI) organized an activity for perception alignment and competency testing for prospective assessors of the National Workload Assessment (Beban Kerja Dosen or BKD) in 2023. This event is recorded in the Integrated Resource Information System (SISTER) BKD, a platform that provides information on the portfolios of lecturers and the implementation process of the Tri Dharma of Higher Education.

Perception alignment and competency testing are considered crucial in efforts to enhance the quality of lecturer services to students, the community, and the country. BKD assessors play a critical role in providing objective and quality assessments to ensure service standards.

Data collected in SISTER BKD will be validated by the Ministry of Education and Culture to ensure the accuracy of data entry and portfolio preparation. Currently, there are 110 active BKD assessors out of 1554 lecturers, still far from the ideal ratio. The UPI Human Resources Bureau hopes to add 200 new assessors to meet the demand.

Prospective assessors must meet specific requirements, such as having a permanent lecturer status, holding an education certificate, and at least holding the rank of Lecturer with a Ph.D. The competency test material was delivered by Iwan Winardi, Coordinator of Education and Educational Staff Careers, Prof. Dr. Hj. Aan Komariah, one of the speakers from the Central BKD Team, and several members of the Technical BKD Team from the Directorate General of Higher Education.

Prof. Dr. H. Adang Suherman, M.A., Vice Rector for Finance, Infrastructure, and Human Resources, one of the speakers, expressed his hope that the addition of assessors could expedite the BKD assessment process and support human resources-related programs. Meanwhile, Iwan Winardi emphasized the importance of career planning for lecturers. According to him, lecturer activities are assessed through BKD, which is closely related to the Employee Work Targets (Sasaran Kerja Pegawai or SKP) and leadership expectations. BKD assessors are expected to follow the instructions and rules in place to ensure a fair and transparent assessment process.

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