Experiencing Naturality of Papandayan: International Students Had a Field Trip to Garut

DARMASISWA is a scholarship program conducted by Ministry of Education and Culture of Indonesia. The program is intended for students of ASEAN countries to experience art, culture, and learning Indonesian language as a part of diplomatic relationship to ASEAN countries. The students may choose one selected countries of ASEAN to join the program. On March 4, 2018, International students from ASEAN community experienced the field trip to Papandayan in Garut, West Java. Meet the naturality of Papandayan, the students are asked to gain the fun by hiking as sport exercise with unpredictable weathers of Indonesian climate condition. During their hiking, the students crystalized their experience and moments by taking some photos and engaged with the others.


As the event organizer, OIER and the interns also joined the hiking and invite the volunteers to assist international students, Sahabat OIER  to accompany the students in their adventure. The students are very excited to the field trip and had a wonderful time. Rain and Sunshine illuminate their challenge to the top. In the afternoon, OIER with the students had lunch together and went to a nearby hot spring to have some relaxation. Feeling harmony, all the participants had the excitement in getting along, exchanging cultural practices and ideas to each other.

In the evening, OIER and the students took a photo as the last piece. The participants also join the crowd to collect some souvenirs and taste local products.