Lecturers and Staffs from UPI given the opportunity to study in Glasgow

Bandung, March 15th 2018 representatives of University of Glasgow had a visit to Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia. Dr. Clare McManus, professor from college of social sciences and Dr. Ramona Blanes, Professor from Adam Smith Business School, University of Glasgow meet with officials of UPI in the Meeting room on the 1st floor of University Centre Building.

The meeting was also attended by Prof. Dr. H. Eeng Ahman, MS, Vice Dean for Academic Affairs of Faculty of Economics and Business education followed by some lecturers from Social Sciences, Sociology, and Business Management Study Program.

Mr. Ahmad Bukhori, the head of Office of International Education and Relations (OIER) hosted the meeting followed by other meeting attendants. “Thanks to the honorable guest, Dr. Ramona and Dr. Clare from University of Glasgow and also thanks to everyone coming to this meeting” said Mr. Ahmad. The meeting begins with small talks of Brexit in Europa vs Brexit (Brebes Exit) in Indonesia.


Dr. Ramona said that Indonesians have big opportunity to study in Scotland, especially in Glasgow. She also stated that Glasgow is suitable for Moslems because there are four Islamic center around the campus, only ten minutes by walk needed to reach one of them. Furthermore, she said that most of the restaurant has the Halal certificate.

“The only problem for Moslem in UK is that in Ramadhan, Moslem have to fasting for about 20 hours a day.” Said Dr. Ramona.

The meeting was continued with the Q&A session and ended with question from Mr. Ahmad Bukhori Muslim, “Is it possible if students are not staying in UK? For example, they go to UK only for one month or two to do the supervision?”

“The UK Government, not only in Glasgow, require full time students to stay in certain distance. So it is impossible for full time students to stay outside UK, except for part time students.” Said Dr. Ramona.

The meeting was ended with souvenirs, and university’s pamphlets being exchanged. All the meeting attendants acknowledged each other and hope that their university may have partnership in the future.