Ikhsan Rahmadsyah, Social Media Intern (Design) Kinobi Indonesia

Ikhsan Rahmadsyah is a 2018 graduate of the Accounting Education Study Program, Faculty of Economics and Business Education at Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia. He was accepted into the certified independent study internship program at Kinobi Asia, but ended up joining the Kinobi Indonesia team instead, where he worked in the field of Social Media (Design). In this role, Ikhsan was responsible for creating designs for various social media platforms owned by Kinobi Indonesia, such as Instagram and LinkedIn.

Ikhsan had known about the MBKM program from the beginning, but learned more about it at the end of December from Kemdibudristek’s Instagram account and from his study program, which frequently shared information about academic and student activities. He explained to the editor what things need to be prepared for the internship selection process. The most important thing is to have an MBKM account, and if you don’t have one, you must create one first. Then, you need to complete the required files, such as your CV, Transcript of Values, Internship Recommendation Letter, and Certificates. Additional files, such as a portfolio, may be required depending on the company.

Ikhsan was initially contacted via email and WhatsApp regarding his interest in the internship program. The first selection process was an interview with a Marketing Associate from the company, followed by an assignment to create a design for a feed within one day. The second selection process was an interview with the CEO of the company, which was conducted in English.

Ikhsan was pleasantly surprised and very happy when he found out that he had passed the internship program selection process. Initially, he was not too interested in applying for the internship program and only prepared the files and registered one week before the program closed. However, his hard work paid off and he was accepted by one of the companies. The program is very useful because it provides opportunities for students who have no work experience, and even for those whose majors may not be suitable for the position.

During the internship, Ikhsan’s activities and experiences included handling all the designs for posts on @kinobi.id Instagram account, as well as helping to design activities within Kinobi. One unique aspect of his experience was that all meetings were conducted in English because Kinobi has employees located in several countries, such as Singapore, the Philippines, Thailand, and Vietnam.

Ikhsan’s role in the company’s internship activities was significant, as he was trusted to create designs for all social media content. He hopes that the internship program at the company will continue to provide opportunities for students who want to kick-start their careers, even if they have not yet graduated.

Ikhsan also offered some tips for passing the internship selection process, including preparing the best possible CV, because that is the first thing the company will see. Additionally, he suggested preparing all the necessary supporting files and practicing in advance for potential interview questions.

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