Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia Successfully Concludes SEA Teacher Program 2024

Bandung, March 4th, 2024 – The closing event of the SEA Teacher Program 2024 at the Indonesia University of Education was successfully held today. This program involved students and teacher mentors from various study programs, including Social Studies Education, Science Education, and Mathematics Education, engaging in cultural exchanges and teaching practices in Indonesia.

The closing ceremony was attended by program participants, university officials, as well as staff and supervising lecturers who have supported them throughout the program. Professor Ahmad Bukhori Muslim, PhD, Director of the International Affairs Directorate, delivered the closing speech, appreciating the dedication and enthusiasm of the participants in this program.

Over the past month, the participants have been involved in various activities, including teaching practices at the Lab School SMA, visits to Saung Ujo to enjoy cultural performances, and relaxing at Gracia Hot Spring. These activities not only provided them with valuable teaching experience but also allowed them to explore and deepen their understanding of Indonesian culture.

In her address, Dr. Ella, one of the mentors as a Mathematics lecturer from the Indonesia University of Education, emphasized the importance of continuing such activities. She hoped that programs like SEA Teacher would continue in the future, enabling participants to further enrich their understanding of culture and education.

The participants also expressed their hope that such activities would become an integral part of their future educational experiences. They were inspired by the opportunity to teach in culturally diverse environments and hoped to continue their exploration in understanding cultural diversity worldwide.

With the conclusion of the SEA Teacher Program 2024, the Indonesia University of Education reaffirms its commitment to providing valuable and sustainable educational experiences for students and future teachers. Hopefully, programs like these will continue, strengthening cultural and educational ties between nations.

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