KU-Ristekdikti: A Chance for College Lecturers in Indonesia to Finish their Doctoral Study in Japan

Bandung, UPI

Getting a scholarship abroad with the life running in is not so hard and even everyone may dream it high. As long as the steps of the process to success are followed, the chances can be also easily taken. At least that was affirmed by Acep Purqon, professor of computational studies and Kanazawa University (KU) International Exchange Senior Adviser in a special briefing session for KU-Ristekdikti Program, Wednesday (1/2).  Jointly organized by and with other four KU delegates, Munehito Machida (faculty of Medicine), Shigeo Tanaka (faculty of Mechanical Sciences), Maiko Kawanishi and Kahou Yamagishi (staffs of Global Affairs Support Office), Purqon shared essential information regarding this doctoral scholarship program.

“This is a collaborative scholarship program for Indonesian lecturers to finish their doctoral degree in 3 years commonly and supported by BUDI-LN (Beasiswa Unggulan Dosen Indonesia Luar Negeri) by Kemenristekdikti (Ministry of Research, Technology and Higher Education) of Indonesia. Kanazawa University with its 3 colleges and 16 schools is ready to welcome new students from Indonesia. Besides, KU support the students in international houses, unique collaborative projects with local groups, central library, university hospital, and many other facilities and communities that can help their social life.” said Kawanishi.

Further, she added KU had accepted over 150 students in 2016 academic year ever since their first collaboration with Indonesia in 2011. Studying in KU, as Ms. Maiko said, is advantageous for its special application procedures. It facilitates Indonesian applicants to have Skype-in interview session with KU professors. Therefore, the applicants can take oral exam in Indonesia. Since the program is supported by BUDI-LN, it enables Indonesian applicants to have a full subsided examination fee and half of tuition fee (all academic expenses are covered by the scholarship scheme; BUDI-LN provides 150,000 JPY per month as living expense). Furthermore, KU will give special supports for international students from Indonesia such as well housing, tutors on their research and daily matters for a period of one year after arriving in Japan especially during the period of registration procedures at the start of your life in Kanazawa. No much worries for Muslim students since they can find Halal food. Therefore, they can have lunch in campus.

“As the program is collaborative with BUDI-LN, KU-Ristekdikti is eligible for any individual lecturer at an Indonesian university. Requiring mentally and physically applicants whose English fluency is equivalent to the IELTS score of 6.0 (with the Writing score of 6.0 or better) or TOEFL PBT 550 (iBT 80) or better, KU will also consider those with lower scores for selection. It is all written in the bulletins that have been circulated with you all here.” Kawanishi explained the eligibility.

Kawanishi said that October 1 this year will be the enrollment formalities arrival in Japan. In detail, February 10 is the last open application, February 17 will be the maximum submission for required documents, and May will be screening and examination session at KU. In this screening session, after we complete the online registration, KU will arrange matching with our supervisor; it offers the applicants to be juxtaposed with three selected professors online. In the briefing, two other professors of KU’s delegates: Munehito Machida, professor of humanitarian medicine, and Shigeo Tanaka, professor of mechanical sciences, also shared notable information about each field of expertise.

Taken place at UPI’s University Center building, this socialization of scholarship program offer was attended by 53 participants from UPI and some other universities in Bandung such as Universitas Padjajaran, Telkom University, and Universitas Islam Negeri Bandung. Facilitated by Purqon, the participants were invited to ask questions regarding the scholarship program. Through this QA session, Purqon promoted some facilities in which KU offers for Indonesian applicants. He said that matching system in online registration is helpful for the applicants since the proposed supervisors are usually hardly contacted. This matching system enables the applicants to meet the professors in online more easily.

The applicants with an unconditional LoA from KU will immediately become a student and do not need to be a research student first. Furthermore, bailout funding and family funding are also available for the students. Purqon said that female students will be paid for their child birth. “I recommend taking your whole family to live together in Japan. The education for kids is free cost, the weather is so romantic, and the life expenses are affordable. Even you may propose for civil housing to Indonesian ministry for one condition, you have to submit a destitution confirmation letter,” said Purqon, “The criterion for the letter is that you have monthly salary below 30 million rupiahs.”

Since BUDI-LN and KU-Ristekdikti are in a separated process, the applicants are suggested tracking both information websites: http://budi.ristekdikti.go.id/web/ and http://www.adm.kanazwa-u.ac.jp/ie/e/index.html. For further a due, please connect to this contact information:

Global Affairs Support Office, Kanazawa University
email: [email protected].
Address: Global Affairs Support Office, Kanazawa University
Kakuma-machi, Kanazwa, Ishikawa JAPAN 920-1192


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