Must Pay Attention to This If You Want to Apply for an RI Visit Visa

Minister of Law and Human Rights Regulation Number 34 of 2021, which was enacted last September 15, regulates the limited reopening of Indonesian visa applications. In this regulation, a visit visa on arrival (visa on arrival) as well as a visa-free visit has not yet been applied. In addition to official and diplomatic visas, now people can apply for Visit Visas and Limited Stay Visas. For people who intend to apply for an Indonesian visit visa, there are several things that need to be considered.

1. Visit Visa for Social/Cultural/Family Visiting Purposes Unopened.
“Visiting Visas have been opened, but they are still very limited. The Socio-cultural Visit Visa, which is usually used to visit relatives in Indonesia, or get married, has not been opened yet,” explained the Head of the Public Relations Subdivision, Achmad Nur Saleh, when confirmed.

2. Application for a Tourist Visit Visa must use a corporate guarantor with the type of business of a travel agency or travel agent activity.
“Another thing that must be considered, especially for citizens from 19 countries who have been allowed to apply for a tourist visit visa, is that the sponsor must be a company engaged in the tourism sector, such as a Travel Bureau. There are only two airports, namely Hang Nadim in Batam and Ngurah Rai in Denpasar. If you have entered Bali or Batam, you are not allowed to travel to other cities in Indonesia. “said Ahmad.

3. Types of Visit Visa
Referring to the Decree of the Minister of Law and Human Rights of the Republic of Indonesia Number M.HH-03.GR.01.05 of 2021, in addition to tourist visit visas for 19 countries, the following types of activities have been opened to apply for a visit visa.

– B211 A visa index
1) Doing emergency and urgent work
2) Conducting business talks
3) Make a purchase of goods
4) Doing film making (non-commercial)
5) Medical assistance personnel, medical support and food
6) Government Duties
7) Join the transportation means in the territory of Indonesia
8) Visits for the development of the marina industry (yachters)
9) The task of the government in the context of meetings related to the Indonesian Presidency in the G20 or the 144th International Inter-Parliamentary Union (IPU) Session

– B211B visa index
1) Calon Tenaga Kerja Asing dalam Uji Coba Kemampuan Dalam Bekerja
Achmad juga menambahkan bahwa saat ini, masyarakat juga masih belum bisa mengajukan Visa Kunjungan Beberapa Kali Perjalanan.

4. Length of Stay in Indonesia
“Stay permits for tourist Visit Visa holders are valid for 30 days. Residence permits for holders other than tourist visit visas are valid for a maximum of sixty days and can be extended. The provisions are still in accordance with Government Regulation Number 48 of 2021.” added Ahmad.

The application for a Visit Visa is made online through the website. For further questions, please contact Visa Sub-Directorate Customer Service at 082113767654 or email [email protected]. Source:

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