Passport Interview Rescheduling Can Be Done After Missing Schedule, These are the Terms

The latest application service from the Directorate General of Immigration, Mobile Passport (M-Passport), offers various features that are not available in its predecessor, the Online Passport Queue Registration Application (APAPO). Not only reducing the duration of face-to-face meetings at the immigration office by uploading documents digitally, but the public can also reschedule interviews and take biometrics on the M-Passport.

“After making payment for the M-Passport billing code, the applicant can find the option to reschedule or change the interview schedule, photo, and biometric recording at the immigration office. Rescheduling through the application can be done a maximum of one day before the previously determined schedule,” said the Sub-Coordinator of Public Relations of the Directorate General of Immigration, Achmad Nur Saleh.

He also mentioned that apart from going through the M-Passport, rescheduling the passport interview at the immigration office can actually be done after passing the predetermined time. However, this only applies to certain conditions.

“Special rescheduling can be given to passport applicants if they do not come to the immigration office according to the selected schedule and have not clicked reschedule in the M-passport application. Or, you have come to the immigration office but do not continue the interview and biometric process because there are systemic problems, positive for Covid-19 and force majeure occurs,” he said.

Some of the systemic obstacles he meant included officer errors, offline servers upon arrival, passport applicant data unable to appear on the Republic of Indonesia Travel Document Issuance System Application (DPRI), as well as other technical problems.

To process the rescheduling of a special passport interview, the applicant needs to provide personal data, the application number on the M-Passport application, and the date of rescheduling the applicant’s arrival at the immigration office.

“For applicants who are confirmed to be positive for Covid-19, please attach a Positive Covid-19 Certificate along with a Certificate of Recovering from Covid-19 issued by the hospital/clinic/authorized agency. In the event of a force majeure event, attach a certificate from the relevant agency stating that the applicant has experienced a force majeure situation,” concluded Achmad.

People who need more information or experience problems when applying for a passport through the M-Passport Application can contact Live Chat at on working days and hours. In addition, applicants can also ask through the special hotline M-Passport provided by the relevant immigration office.