To Be International Students at Suwon City of Korea

Suwon is the largest and capital city of Gyeonggi-Do, a populous province that surrounds Seoul of South Korea. The town is famous as “The city of Filial Piety”. As Samsung headquarters are at Suwon city, the region is highly popular. Hearing the word of “Korea”, it reminds us with popular cultural flows of K-pop and Korean drama which those are mostly Indonesians’ idolized entertainment especially for Indonesian females. Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia also established Korean Language Education study program to grant contemporary education demands as the world now is the world of globalization where there is hardly barrier of information established.

Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia held a Seminar entitled “Seminar for International Students 2018 Peluang Kuliah di Universitas Sekitar kota Suwon” about promoting universities around Suwon City on April 4th, 2018 in University Centre of UPI. The educational event has representatives from three universities from Suwon city namely: Ajou University, Kyung Hee University, and SungKyungKwan Univeristy. The universities started to share their universities’ brief profile; facilities, tuition and accommodation fees, scholarship for international students, and international programs with English as the introductory language in classrooms. Kyung Hee University is said to be the number 1 most beautiful university. SungKyungKwan University also conducts partnership with Samsung Corporation which add advantages to the university’s popularity. Ajou University introduced its facilities for students and other beneficial information for the attendants.

The event is ended with a small education expo to let the participants not curious anymore toward the universities and college life in Suwon.

As usual, the event is closed by taking pictures together and exchanging souvenirs from each university. Hopefully for those who are really interested in Korean Language or learning in Korea may consider the universities in Suwon as their choice to continue their study.