UPI Bumi Siliwangi Labschool Students Win the 2022 Aquatic Championship Award and the US Department of State-Supported Science-Based Contest, Esports Event NASEF Farmcraft” 2022

Pilot Laboratory of the Indonesian Education University Bumi Siliwangi won awards through 2 activities participated in by students. One of the UPI Labschool Junior High School students, “beautiful” Keyrra Kameliya Danarsyah and Naylla Alillah Danarsyah, 8D grade students of UPI Labschool SMP Bumi Siliwangi won silver and bronze medals at the 2022 Aquatic Championships for the 1M and 3M KU-C boards at the National level which held at the Bung Karno Aquatic Stadium. This activity will be held on July 28 – August 3, 2022. The organizer of this competition is PB PRSI.

In addition to the Medal, other achievements were obtained by SD Labschool Bumi Siliwangi students, Reza Makarim Nashir, a grade 5 student and Azra Hasna, who had just graduated from SD Laboratorium UPI Bumsil. , the 2022 NASEF Farmcraft esports event organized by NASEF(North Association Scholastic Esport Federation) Atlanta, USA. This activity will be held on 27-31 May 2022. The winners will be announced on 7 July 2022. (HS)

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