Currently, the Indonesia region was entrusted with implementing EASE Summer School 2022, and UPI was chosen to be the host for the event. The theme of the activity is Empowering Science, technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) Education for SDG’s.

This was stated by the Head of the S2/S3 Science Education Study Program, Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences Education (FPMIPA) for the Masters/S3 Science Education Study Program, Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia (UPI) Dr. Ida Kaniawati, M.Sc., in her press release.

He revealed, “The output of this activity is a research collaboration which is expected to be able to produce joint publications in reputable international journals. The activity, which runs from Tuesday, August 2, 2022 to Saturday, August 6, 2022, is also supported by members of the Indonesia region from other universities.”

Present as presenters are Prof. Dr. Anna Permanasari, M.Si and Prof. Sri Rahayu, M.Ed, Ph.D., he said, while the group discussion guide was conducted by Dr. Ida Kaniawati, M.Sc., Dr. Riandi, M.Sc., Irma Rahma Suwarma, Ph.D., from UPI, Prof. Dr. Indarini from UNPAK, Prof. Dr. Sudarmin from UNNES, Prof. Dr. Indrawati and Pramudya Dwi Aris Putra, Ph.D., from UNEJ, and Nurul F Sulaeman from UNMUL.

He said,“East Asian Association for Science Education (EASE) is an international association that focuses on science education. This association was founded in 2010 by researchers, educators, and scholars from Korea, Japan, and Hong Kong. The association, which started from the three regions, was later expanded to include members from other countries such as Taiwan and Mainland China.”

It was further said that in 2021, Indonesia and Thailand were elected to be one of the EASE members, so that EASE membership will continue to grow. Indonesia’s membership is supported by the cooperation of several universities in Indonesia, namely the Indonesian Education University (UPI), Pakuan University (UNPAK), Malang State University (UM), Semarang State University (UNNES), Jember State University (UNEJ), and Mulawarman University ( UNMUL).

The head office of the Indonesia Region is placed in the JICA Building, FPMIPA UPI, he said again.

“The leadership of this association was agreed to change every two years, and in 2022-2024, the Indonesia region was elected as the leader of EASE. Prof. Dr Anna Permanasari, M.Sc., became the eighth President of EASE. Routine activities carried out by EASE are the EASE International Conference, developing the EASE newsletter, and the summer school program,” he said.

This activity, he said, was fully supported by the Dean of FPMIPA UPI Prof. Dr. Tatang Herman, M.Ed., and the Head of the Science Education Study Program, Dr. Ida Kaniawati, M.Sc., and was officially opened by UPI Chancellor Prof. HM Solehudin, M.Pd, MA, said, “Even though this collaboration faces several challenges such as diversity in language, culture, and ideas, these challenges can provide valuable experience for participants to be able to initiate international cooperation.”

This activity was attended by 28 participants. 7 presenters, and 17 group companions from seven regions, namely Hong Kong, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Mainland China, Taiwan, and Thailand. (ed/dodiangga)

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