UPI Chancellor Asks New Officials to Straighten Intentions

Chancellor of the Indonesian Education University (UPI) Prof. Dr. M. Solehuddin, M.Pd., M.A., asked the new officials to straighten out their intentions only to develop the institution, not for their personal or group interests.

The mandate was conveyed to 13 new officials at the inauguration ceremony for UPI officials. The inauguration of officials in the UPI environment took place in the Auditorium Room of the FPEB Building, Lt. 6 UPI Kampus Jalan Dr. Setiabudi Number 229 Bandung, Wednesday (4/1/2023).

The Chancellor emphasized, “What must be addressed is the intention, this is the source of the energy. So, straighten the intention for the development of the institution. Next, make it happen with the maximum effort according to their capacity, but also must have new thoughts. Don’t do it in ordinary ways, use unusual or extraordinary ways, unusual ways in a positive sense.”

If you still rely on the usual methods, he said, it will be difficult to achieve achievements. Do not also carry out the strategy that has been implemented in previous years because the competitors have made changes, they have jumped, maybe they have also implemented a more innovative strategy.

“Therefore, maximize, maximize and make endeavors intensely, including doing it in new innovative and creative ways, don’t follow suit,” he stressed.

Use as much authority as possible for the progress of UPI. With UPI’s status as a Legal Entity State University (PTN BH), this is an opportunity given by the government to run. If it is not utilized then it is a mistake, a self-made sin.

He said, “Think strategically, think big things, don’t deal with meticulous little things, later it will be difficult alone, have faith in your own abilities. If you just take office, just carry out your duties, this is really detrimental to all, yourself and the institution. The opportunity to take office must be used as a momentum to do good, because this will not happen again and history will record it.”

UPI is a public institution, a joint institution, he said. Do it together, not alone. Therefore, besides us thinking about a strategy for running, we also have to think about how to carry the carriage, because we are the leaders, maximizing all potential, hopefully this will become a spirit for all of us.

“The facts on the ground will not be as beautiful as what is in the book, every problem must be addressed. We must have integrity, not be corrupt and not abuse authority. Leaders must have positive policies that benefit the institution,” he hoped.
It is hoped that the inauguration of officials within the UPI environment will be a good momentum for the inaugurated officials and for the university. For retired officials who have finished their term of office, the Chancellor and all university leaders would like to thank them. What has been done so far may be a good deed.

“Welcoming the new year, we welcome it with new enthusiasm and new enthusiasm, even though new problems will come. New problems that are more challenging and more complicated, that come without our expectation, must be faced by all of us. We don’t need to be afraid, because these are all natural things in life, part of the dynamics of life,” he concluded.