UPI Follows up on Joint Research with University of Tokyo

On Monday, October 28, 2019, Prof. Dr. Deni Darmawan, S. Pd., M. Si., M. Ikom., MCE., from the Department of Curriculum and Educational Technology, Faculty of Education Sciences (FIP), and Dianni Risda, S. Pd., M. Ed., from the Department of Japanese Language Education, Faculty of Language and Literature Education (FPBS), both from the Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia (UPI), signed a joint research agreement with Prof. Tanigaki Mariko, Ph.D., from the University of Tokyo, Japan.

Recently, on Monday, March 13, 2023, Prof. Tanigaki delivered a public lecture at UPI’s Sociology Education Study Program. On the same occasion, Prof. Deni took the opportunity to discuss the continuation of their joint research agreement, which was previously delayed due to Covid-19. Dianni said, “We are exploring possibilities for collaborative research projects.”

Dianni revealed that they have considered several themes for their research, particularly about communities. Prof. Tanigaki specializes in area studies, particularly Hong Kong Studies, and they are currently designing joint research on the Chinese community in Indonesia. However, they have not yet determined the specific areas of research for their collaboration.

Dianni added that they are also conducting other research and analyzing its impact on society. “We study and evaluate the impact of our research and whether it is known to the general public,” she said.

Dianni and Prof. Tanigaki have been friends since 2011 when they met at the One Asia Foundation (OAF). Dianni has been an advisor for Indonesia since 2010 and attends the One Asia Convention annually. They have also co-authored a book published in 2022 by Springer.

Last year, Dianni received a Staff Exchange Program grant to the University of Tokyo, Japan, as part of UPI’s WCU program, and her supervisor was Prof. Tanigaki.