A seminar on Job Vacancy at The Ibaraki Prefectural Government of Japan held on Friday, February 19th, 2021 virtually.

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The Ibaraki Prefectural Government of Japan and Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia are working together. This collaboration is supporting everyone who is interested in working and developing their career in Japan. The Ibaraki Prefectural Government of Japan provides protection and consultation service for Indonesian who are interested to work in The Ibaraki Prefectural Government of Japan. The seminar took two hours from 1 P.M. – 3 P.M. (GMT +7). The topic discussed in the seminar was mainly about how Indonesians work in Ibaraki Prefecture. The outline of the seminar were Ibaraki Prefectural’s company profile, the explanation of living status when working there, sharing session with an Indonesian who works in Ibaraki Prefectural, and the guidance from the Ibaraki foreign resource service center.

The representative of Ibaraki Prefectural Government who attended the seminar were Hiroki Takano (Department of Industrial Strategy Labor Affairs Division and Employment Opportunity Promotion Section), Tomoya Yoshizawa (Ibaraki Government of Foreign Labor Advisor), Shunsuke Iida (Ibaraki Government of Foreign Labor Advisor), Shin Shimizu (The Head of Ibaraki Foreign Resource Services Department), and Prof. Kanemoto Setsuko. This seminar was also attended by Dr. Susi Widianti, M.Pd., M.A. (The Head of Japanese Education Department), Nuria Haristiani, M.Ed., Ph.D. (The Head of Japanese Education Master Degree Program), and Drs. Ahmad Dahidi, M.A., Drs. Sugihartono, M.A., Dr. Juju Juangsih, M.Pd. (The Staff of Ibaraki Job and Internship Program Requirement Team) from Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia. Lastly, many students also joined this seminar to get the information.

Refer to the seminar, Ibaraki is a prefectural in the northeast of Kanto. Approximately, 30 to 50 km or 2 hours from Tokyo. The city is close to cities and has abundant nature such as the sea, mountains, and lakes. It also has a long history and delicious food with its prosperous agricultural industry. Ibaraki has warm climate so, it is very comfortable to live there. Many foreigners choose to stay and live in this city. Currently, Ibaraki is in the process in developing into an international metropolitan city. The best facilities are located in this city, such as agriculture, fisheries, manufacturing, and a lot of the best quality of small businesses. The development is arguably very fast. Therefore, Ibaraki is suitable for people who want to develop careers for their future.

(Fadlila and N. Assyifa)

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