Become an Entrepreneur After Participating in the Independent Campus Program at the Export School

For Independent, Studies Certified to Become a New Exporter 4.0 is a combination of off-campus lectures with 20 credits and real export practices to become today’s global entrepreneur as a new exporter by optimizing e-commerce. Basically, the program is held online or online with a combination of export practices, offline or offline activities are optionally carried out for a limited number of participants who register. The series of activities in the independent study program Becoming a New Exporter 4.0 includes individual learning and final assignments in the form of teams. Independent Study Activities Certified to Become a New Exporter 4.0 consists of a series of activities such as Teaching, Bootcamp, Export Practices, and Exams.

The Independent Study Program Certified to Become a New Exporter 4.0 is a program that was held for the first time (batch 1).

The Independent Study Program Certified to Become a New Exporter 4.0 starts on August 16, 2021. For the first week as a student of Independent Studies Certified to Become a New Exporter 4.0, we receive a lot of briefing before entering the core activities that will be held in the future.

The participating students will be divided into groups according to their choice, namely to become new exporters or MSME export facilitators with priorities as:

  1. Exporters of agricultural products
  2. Exporters of the processed food industry
  3. Exporters of creative industrial products
  4. Export facilitators are intended for student participants who have the intention to become export companions for SMEs.

Participants who are accepted into the Independent Study to Become an Exporter 4.0 will take part in export teaching through a program framework with six module clusters, namely: Understanding Exports, Developing Export Plans, Developing Export Products, Developing Export Branding and Promotion, Starting Exports, and Developing Export Businesses and taking Export Lectures online from successful exporters, leaders of exporting companies, Ambassadors, Consul General, Trade Attaches, Heads of ITPC abroad, etc.

After passing through this program framework, participants are expected to be able to practice exporting. For this purpose, participants are asked to make Export Products in a team of 4 students who will receive support for the cost of making products including packaging, export promotion materials, and shipping costs to Jakarta, who then practice marketing their products to the online market through the marketplace and offline at the export product exhibition in shopping malls or trade shows at home and abroad.

In order to activate promotions and sales in marketplaces, there will be exhibitions of export products at home and abroad. Several students will be selected from those who register and meet the criteria for activity and achievement to attend offline with transportation and accommodation costs. 

We, the export SIB students, took part in online learning via Zoom for five months. The activity lasts for six days, from Monday to Saturday every week, in which there are also global mentoring sessions and export lectures. The resource persons for global mentoring and export lectures are usually experts in the field of export, from successful exporters, leaders of exporting companies, Ambassadors, Consul General, Trade Attaches, Heads of ITPC abroad, etc. Meanwhile, ordinary learning consists of material presentation and mentoring sessions with mentors who are also experts in their fields, such as in the fields of financing, legality, business management, and of course other export entrepreneurs.

In addition to doing online learning, we were also formed into a group that had to develop products that would become export plans. Our group develops glass chip products that meet export standards from various aspects. In collaboration with one of the SMEs in Subang, West Java, we have successfully developed this product and marketed it online and offline.

We started marketing our products through e-commerce shopeeSince it was launched on November 25, 2021, Alhamdulillah, our products have been accepted by the community outside of Java. To date, our products have sold more than 300 pieces online and offline or we have purchased more than 65 kg from SMEs.

In addition to online learning, we also had the opportunity to participate in business matching and Bootcamp in several areas such as Medan, Solo, Bali, Jakarta, and Batam. I personally attended activities in Jakarta, but during Bootcamp in Medan, I had the opportunity to present products to Japanese entrepreneurs online. It was an extraordinary experience to be able to meet and be guided by extraordinary mentors, as well as meet friends from various regions in Indonesia who share the same vision of wanting to advance Indonesian exports by becoming a young exporter. Although our products cannot be exported yet, we hope that as we go along and prepare everything so that it can be better, finally our products can be exported to various countries. (Laura Hidayat Nurul Jabbar (1805730) IEKI FPEB UPI Study Program)