Cooperation between UPI and Chubu Gakuin University-College for the Promotion of Angklung Learning Methods for Children with Disabilities in Japan

The Indonesian Ambassador to Tokyo Heri Akhmadi who witnessed the signing of the MoU welcomed this agreement because one of the interesting scopes and areas of cooperation is the promotion of the angklung game teaching method for students with disabilities in Japan which was developed by the angklung coach KABUMI UPI Ardian Sumarwan.

In maintaining and improving the close relationship between Indonesia and Japan, which will reach 65 years in 2023, The Indonesian Embassy in Tokyo continues to carry out cultural diplomacy efforts through the introduction of traditional music and dances to Japanese citizens. In the education sector, efforts to bring together the Indonesian Education University (UPI) Bandung with two Japanese universities, Chubu Gakuin University and Chubu Gakuin College, have resulted in the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) on August 12, 2022 in the Multipurpose Room, 9th Floor, Indonesian Embassy. Tokyo (12/08/2022).

“Angklung is Indonesia’s cultural heritage that has been recognized by UNESCO since 2010. So it is our collective duty to maintain the existence of this cultural heritage by continuing to promote the game of angklung in various parts of the world. In the field of education, Japan is a country that pays great attention to the needs of all its citizens, including children with special needs. The development and introduction of the angklung method for students with disabilities in Japanese schools by Indonesian citizens is a positive contribution in strengthening Indonesia-Japan relations,” explained Ambassador Heri.

Ayo Sunaryo, one of the UPI delegates who is the Head of UPT Culture, explained that the MoU resulted in an agreement on the implementation of learning visits and joint programs, in particular the development of education about Indonesian traditional arts which will be used as art learning materials at universities and special schools, especially the art of angklung for lecturers, art teachers, prospective art teachers, and students with disabilities.

“The art of angklung was chosen because this musical instrument is very suitable for art learning, especially for students with disabilities. This musical instrument can not be replaced with musical instruments in Japan. The urgency is to continue the ongoing collaboration in the arts and explore academic collaborations. We believe that Indonesian traditional arts are not only known, but needed for art learning in Japanese schools and universities. We also encourage lecturers and teachers in Japan to continue to develop art learning materials, especially angklung, in their curriculum,” said Ayo Sunaryo.

Education and Culture Attache Yusli Wardiatno who accompanied Ambassador Heri Akhmadi explained that this collaboration in the arts and culture field was the second time that the Indonesian Embassy in Tokyo had bridged after the signing between FRSD ITB and Joshibi University of Arts and Design some time ago.

“Cultural diplomacy through the education sector is very important for Indonesia and Japan. The agreement made today is one proof of the recognition of Japanese educational institutions on the ability of Indonesian educators in developing Art Education Techniques for students with disabilities. We must be proud of that,” explained Yusli. Yusli added that in a follow-up discussion which was also attended by Gifu University lecturer Yoshitaka Suzuki, it was agreed that an angklung concert would be held by students with special needs in 2023 to enliven 65 years of Indonesia-Japan relations.

The UPI delegates who attended the signing of the full MoU were Cep Ubad Abdullah (Staff of the Bureau of Foreign Cooperation), Ayo Sunaryo (Head of UPT Culture), Ardian Sumarwan (Angklung Coach of KABUMI UKM), Hadi Setiadi (Gamelan Coach of KABUMI UKM) and Rivaldi Indra Hafidzin (KABUMI UKM Dance Trainer). Meanwhile, from Chubu Gakuin University and Chubu Gakuin College, Ema Satoshi (President of Chubu Gakuin University), Fumie Katagiri (President of Chubu Gakuin College), Hideomi Tauchi (Assistant President and Director of International Exchange and Regional Collaboration), Makoto Kikuchi ( Planning Manager) and Koichiro Noguchi (Strategy Planning Division and Public Relations Office).