GEOSAC 2024: Promoting Sustainable Urban Planning in Southeast Asia through ASEAN Geography Smart Competition

GEOSAC (ASEAN Geography Smart Competition) is an annual event organized by BEM HMPG (Association of Geography Education Students) FPIPS UPI. In 2024, GEOSAC was held on Tuesday and Wednesday, February 6-7, 2024, with the theme “Sustainable Urban Planning: Optimization of Urban Ecosystems in Sustainable Urban Areas in the Southeast Asia Region.”

Several activities were part of GEOSAC 2024, including the Student Writing Olympiad, Field Olympiad (Student Geotrek), Teacher Preparation, Field Activities (Teacher Geotrek), and Scientific Paper Competition participated by students from various universities. The total number of GEOSAC applicants in 2024 was 104 teams consisting of 2 students for the Student Olympiad and 21 teams consisting of 2 students for the National Scientific Paper Competition. The 104 student Olympiad teams were then selected through scientific video presentations, resulting in 97 teams with the best videos. Meanwhile, for the National Scientific Paper Competition teams, 9 teams were selected based on full paper submissions.

Teams that successfully passed the initial selection process were eligible to participate in the series of GEOSAC activities held directly at UPI.

The activities on February 6, 2024, began with the opening ceremony at the Achmad Sanusi Building, followed by the Student Writing Olympiad at the STI Building and Teacher Preparation at the Achmad Sanusi Building, UPI. Students answered multiple-choice, multimedia, and analytical essay questions in the CBT, while teachers attended preparation sessions with speakers Mr. Totok Doyo Pamungkas, M.Eng and Mr. Caca Hinaya Pratama (Student of Geography Education 2020).

On the second day, February 7, 2024, the Field Olympiad (Student Geotrek) took place at Mount Putri, the Teacher Geotrek was held at Curug Tilu Leuwi Opat, and the final presentation of the National Scientific Paper Competition finalists was held at the LPPM UPI building.

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