Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia Hosts Welcoming Event for SEA Teacher Program 2024

The welcoming event for the SEA Teacher Program 2024 at Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia was marked by the presence of high-ranking officials from Indonesian educational institutions. Professor Didi Sukyadi, MA, Vice Rector for Academic Affairs and Student Affairs, along with Professor Ahmad Bukhori Musli, PhD, Director of International Affairs, were present to extend their warm greetings to the participants.

Moreover, the supervising lecturers who will guide the program participants also attended the event. Dr. Rika Rafikah Agustin, M.Pd, accompanied by Komalia, M.Pd, will mentor KC Joy Cabikal Ancheta from Central Luzon State University, Philippines, and Ishihara Risako from the University of Tsukuba, Japan.

Additionally, Dr. Elah Nurlaelah, M.Pd, along with Hanifah Nurahmi, M.Pd, will guide Jan Joselle Castro Chico from Central Luzon State University, Philippines, and Nichakorn Sangphet from Hon Kaen University, Thailand.

Notably, Muhammad Iqbal, M.Si, and Afis Winarko, S.Pd, will also serve as mentors for Suzuki YUI from the University of Tsukuba, Japan, and Sasithon Noktong from Kon Kaen University, Thailand.

The presence of these officials and supervising lecturers underscores Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia’s serious commitment to providing the best experience for the SEA Teacher program participants. With their guidance, it is hoped that the participants can optimize their learning and cultural exchange during their stay in Indonesia.

Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia has announced the opening of applications for the SEA Teacher Program 2024. This program enables students and chemistry teacher mentors to participate in cultural exchanges and teaching practices in various Southeast Asian countries.

In this program, students and teacher mentors from Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia will join participants from various universities, including San Jose State University in the Philippines. They will be placed in Indonesia for one month, from February 7 to March 6.

In addition to teaching practices, participants will also have the opportunity to get to know the local culture and enjoy their leisure time. This program is designed to provide valuable experiences in both education and culture for all participants.

According to Dr. Ella, one of the teacher mentors from Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia, the program aims to introduce participants to Indonesia’s complex education system. By comparing the situation in Indonesia with their home countries, participants are expected to broaden their understanding of education.

Furthermore, the program offers full support to participants during their stay in Indonesia. With supervisors from local universities and schools, participants can feel safe and supported throughout the program.

Participants are also invited to enjoy various activities and excursions during their stay. From visiting museums to trying local cuisine, the program promises unforgettable experiences for all participants.

“We hope that this program will not only provide valuable teaching experiences but also enrich participants’ understanding of culture and education,” said one representative from Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia.

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