Gunma University Japan and UPI Agreed to Collaborate All the Time

Gunma University, Japan was present at the Indonesian University of Education (UPI) with the intention of renewing the cooperation contract that had been built since 2000, but the MoU was only made in 2008. The collaboration in question is cooperation in academics and research and career development.

This statement was conveyed by a Lecturer in the Department of Mathematics Education, Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences Education (FPMIPA) UPI Prof. Dr. Rizky Rosjanuardi, M.Sc., after participating in the process of signing the MoU between Gunma University, Japan and UPI in the Meeting Room of the UPI Campus Partere Building, Jalan Dr. Setiabudhi Number 229 Bandung, Tuesday (17/1/2023).

Explained Prof. Rizky, “There is something interesting about this agreement, that this MoU does not need to be renewed every 5 years, but is automatically extended until one of the parties has objections to this agreement. The conclusion is that both of them agreed to make an MoU for all time. It is hoped that this MoU will be a good thing for both parties, especially for the progress of UPI.”

UPI has often sent its lecturers to conduct research at Gunma University, Japan, and vice versa. Along the way, both of them have produced many scientific papers that have been published in journals. Next, from this collaboration we have published books, also conducted student exchanges.

As many as 20 students from the Japanese Language Education Department, UPI’s Faculty of Language and Literature Education (FPBS) have done this. Likewise for alumni, there were 3 students who continued their master’s studies at Gunma, but 1 person resigned. Lecturers from both sides also share experiences, give lectures, conduct research and organize seminars.”

Meanwhile, on the same occasion, Director of the Directorate of International Affairs (DIA) UPI Prof. Ahmad Bukhori Muslim, M.Ed., Ph.D., said that the MoU on this occasion discussed the extension of the cooperation contract that had been carried out by UPI and Gunma University previously. The focus of this collaboration is strengthening the Tri Dharma of Higher Education.

“Prof. Takashi ITOH from Gunma University, Japan, Dean of FPMIPA UPI Prof. Dr. H. Tatang Herman, M.Ed., and Prof. Dr. Rizky Rosjanuardi, M.Sc., has been building this partnership for a long time. In order for this collaboration to continue, on this occasion, the MoU has no time limit, this is related to Prof. Takashi entering retirement age. He hoped, when Prof. Takashi has really retired, so his successor can continue this collaboration,” he said.

The relationship that has been built so far is very good and it is hoped that it will continue to be good. There are many FPMIPA UPI lecturers who are continuing their doctoral programs at Gunma, as well as DPJB FPBS UPI students who have received scholarships to study at Gunma University.

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