IISMA Scholarship Winners Conduct Social Campaign to Raise SDGs Issues

A total of 1,150 Indonesia International Student Mobility Awards (IISMA) 2022 scholarship recipients are involved in a campaign titled Batch SecondThe theme Sustainable Development Goals was raised in order to encourage awareness of the Indonesian people and the world on global issues that could have a long-lasting impact if not addressed immediately.

The Head of the IISMA Program, Rachmat Sriwijaya said that these global issues could be an opportunity for IISMA students to participate in educating the global community. “IISMA students will be representatives of Indonesia abroad later, so this challenge is important to make them aware of global issues and become their opportunity to participate in educating the global community,” said Rachmat.

The Social Campaign Challenge is carried out in four batches that will last until next September as one of a series of activities before the departure of IISMA winners to foreign universities for one semester. In each batch, there were 17 teams that raised issues in the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Rachmat explained that students were given one month to prepare materials, collaborate with partners, and conduct online campaigns. During the activity, students are free to be creative to package campaign messages in digital form such as posters, infographics, videos, and even online activities that are channeled through social media.

“This is a challenge where we have to learn about global issues and collaborate with the right partners to find out the situation on the ground,” said Timothy, one of the recipients of a scholarship to Nanyang Technological University, Singapore.

Online campaigns encourage IISMA winners to explore their abilities, ranging from copywriting, social media analysis, to networking and collaborating with multiple partners to maximize campaign impact.

No less than 616,500 impressions were successfully obtained, this shows the large reach of the masses that can be created by the campaign activities carried out. “This activity is very positive because it can train students to collaborate in things that can have a big impact on the community, and learn to apply digital and global campaign strategies,” said Nursery, a panelist from the Trisakti Transportation and Logistics Institute.

At the end of the campaign, the participants will attend a presentation session that will present 6 panelist lecturers from various universities in Indonesia as the closing of the Second Batch of Social Campaign. In each batch 3 teams will be selected as the best presenters who will be announced directly at the end of each event.

In batch 1 last July, they were selected as the best presenter for the Goal 6: Clean Water and Adequate Sanitation (Improve Clean Water and Sanitation) team, Goal 11: Sustainable Cities and Communities (Mobilize Sustainable Cities and Communities), and Goal 16: Peace, Justice. andGuaranteed Peace, Justice, and Strong Institutions.