SBCC 2024: Pioneering Sustainable Solutions for Low-Carbon Living

International Symposium and Workshop on Sustainable Buildings, Cities, and Communities (SBCC) 2024 took place at the Jasmine Junior Ballroom Pullman Bandung Grand Central, located at Jl. Diponegoro no. 27, Bandung City, on Tuesday to Wednesday (27-28/2/2024). The event convened individuals from various disciplines, including academia, industry, and government, aiming to share ideas, research, and studies on mitigating global and local climate change. Dr. Eng. Beta Paramita, M.T., a lecturer at the Architecture Program of the Faculty of Technology and Vocational Education (FPTK) at Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia (UPI), and also a Head of Center at the Directorate of Innovation and University Excellence (DIPUU) UPI, articulated the event’s objectives.

Dr. Beta Paramita highlighted the urgent need to address carbon emissions, stressing that Indonesia ranks among the top 10 carbon emitters globally. The symposium emphasized a firm commitment to reducing carbon emissions by approximately 30%. Additionally, SBCC 2024 aimed to foster collaboration and initiate steps toward creating low-carbon, resilient, and habitable environments.

Furthermore, SBCC 2024 served as a platform for academia-industry collaboration, with a focus on promoting low-carbon materials in building construction. Dr. Beta Paramita emphasized the potential of these materials to reduce carbon emissions significantly, particularly in the residential sector, which contributes 80% of CO2 emissions.

The symposium also showcased tangible efforts in the form of low-cost housing projects designed to be affordable for low-income communities. Dr. Beta Paramita proposed that these housing concepts, built with a budget of 3 million Indonesian Rupiah per square meter, could compete with traditional brick-and-mortar houses. These houses are envisioned to be earthquake-resistant, heat-efficient, energy-saving, and soundproof due to their construction with low-carbon materials.

The event was organized by the Architecture Program of UPI, supported by BeCool Indonesia and PT Tatalogam Group. By engaging various organizations, universities, companies, government agencies, and renowned architects, SBCC 2024 aimed to foster collaboration in creating sustainable environments for all.

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