Teaching Practice Program for UPI Students in School of Indonesia Bangkok

Opening ceremony for UPI students’ teaching
Deputy Chief of Mission at Indonesian Embassy in Bangkok, Mr. Dicky Komar

Bandung, UPI – Another opening ceremony for UPI students’ teaching practice program was held Thursday, February 18th, 2021 at 16:00 WIB via Zoom Meeting. This time it was at the School of Indonesia in Bangkok (SIB), Thailand. There are 11 students from different majors who join the program: two students from Early Childhood Teacher Education (Cibiru Regional Campus), three students from Elementary School Teacher Education, two students from Mathematics Education, and one student each from Biology Education, Physics Education, Chemistry Education, and Economic Education. All of the participants in the opening ceremony were very excited about the program and the discussion session went very well and interactive. Both UPI and SIB showed their excitement and gratefulness right before and during the event by sharing their experiences.

Jointly organized Directorate of Intenational Affairs (DIA) UPI and SIB, the event was attended by the Deputy Chief of Mission at Indonesian Embassy in Bangkok, Mr. Dicky Komar, and the Headmaster of School of Indonesia in Bangkok, Drs. Susianto, S. Pd. They both delivered a message of the importance of ability to adapt, innovate and be creative in the new situation since the pandemic has changed all the conditions which used to be normal. Thus, the students must be ready and prepare for the best for the upcoming era and generation. There were also Vice-Rector for Education and Student Affairs, Prof. Dr. Didi Sukyadi, M. A., and the lecturer representative from UPI Regional Campus of Cibiru, Drs. Leli Halimah. Both of them expressed how grateful they are to SIB for accepting their students in this program. They also hoped that students could take a lot of advantages and inspire many other students to learn and practice from overseas. It should be noted that SIB has conducted the teaching learning process offline for several months, but it is willing to prepare an online platform for UPI’s teaching practice.

Besides, both UPI and SIB showed interest in each other’s programs and systems. While Prof. Dr. Suroso Adi Yudianto, M.Pd., the lecturer from Biology Education Study Program, was interested in how the character-building is applied in SIB learning process, the principal of SIB was interested in the application of curriculum during the pandemic. These cases made a lot of participants share their views and ideas, which made the event more interesting. Most of them hoped that there will be a comparative study between UPI and SIB.

This opening ceremony for teaching practice program at School of Indonesia Bangkok marked the third and the last teaching practice program at overseas School of Indonesia this semester. DIA and Professional Education and Services (PPJK) wish that similar program will be taken place in other overseas School of Indonesia in the future.
*A. Ahmadah

Prof. Dr. Didi Sukyadi, M.A., Vice Rector for Education and Student Affairs
Drs. Susianto, S.Pd., the headmaster of SIB, and Mr. Dicky Komar, DCM Indonesian Embassy in Bangkok
Prof. Dr. Suroso Adi Yudianto, M.Pd., a lecturer from Biology Education UPI