UPI and Tampere University, Finland to Hold Climate Change Education International Conference

The Dean of the Faculty of Education, Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia (FIP UPI) Dr. Rudi Susilana, M.Sc., invited UPI Public Relations to participate in preparing the 1st International Conference on Climate Change Education International Conference (CCEIC). This conference is a collaboration between Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia and Tampere University. The Head of Public Relations Office, Prof. Dr. Deni Darmawan, S.Pd., M.Sc., MCE., on the occasion. The activity took place in the FIP Meeting Room B Lt. 3 UPI Campus Jalan Dr. Setiabudhi Number 229 Bandung, online and offline, Tuesday (11/1/2022).

According to the Head of the Public Relations Office, “The conference preparation meeting was attended by representatives from UPI, UGM, Tampere University, Finland, Kitakyushu University, Japan, and UTM Malaysia. The goal is to prepare Keynote Speakers. They are environmental practitioners Dr. Nina Sarjunani. Presidential team of SDGs in Indonesia and Prof. Eero Ropo from Tampere University.”

Meanwhile, he continued, a Plenary Session was also held which was planned to present Hiroyuki Miyake from Kitakyushu University, Aeshnina Azzahra Aqilani, Prof. Dr. M. Baiquni, MA, from UGM, Prof. Ari Widodo, Ph.D., from UPI, Dr. Fatin Alia Fang from UTM, and Ho Technical University, and Miyage University of Education.

“UPI wants to strengthen its role in the field of Climate Change Education or build sustainable education or the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). This conference was initiated by Prof. Dr. H. Mohammad Ali, MA,” he said.

It is planned, he said, that the activity will take place at the 10th Floor FIP Auditorium, UPI Campus, Jalan Dr. Setiabudhi Number 229 Bandung in Hybrid Conference, from 10 to 11 October 2022. The UPI and TVUPI Public Relations Team will do the coverage. Source: Humas UPI