UPI Stove Research Preparation for the 2023 Indonesian Robot Contest

After suffering yesterday’s defeat at the National Indonesian Robot Contest (KRI) on July 3, UPI KOMPOR UKM immediately carried out technological research for KRI 2023.

Roller Throwing System Research

As an offering, UPI KOMPOR want to bring the good name of the Indonesian University of Education on the national stage as a university that does not only focus on education but also a university that has high technological value.

KRI 2023 research has been running for 2 months, and is planned to continue until ahead of KRI 2023 in the 2nd quarter of 2023. The research phase was carried out in 4 stages, starting from stage I (planning the robot concept) to stage 4 (robot design) and currently 2 stages have been carried out.

Electrical Design Research

This research team is divided according to the robot team for later when competing. The research carried out includes research on robot mechanisms for missions, research on unmanned fast boats, research on the movement of robots with wheels and hexapods, research on the use of the latest sensors and research on optimal electrical design.

In addition to KRI, there will be another flying robot research team for the 2023 KRTI Indonesia Flying Robot Contest (KRTI) for the Vertical Take-off and Landing (VToL) division.

It is hoped that by holding this technological research activity, the UPI KOMPOR UKM can make UPI a technology university and also make the university proud on the national and international levels.