Wahid Hasyim University Visits UPI for Benchmarking Management of Cooperation at the Directorate of International Affairs

Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia (UPI) received a visit from Wahid Hasyim University, which is a private university in Indonesia located in Semarang City, Central Java, last Wednesday (26 January 2022). Wahid Hasyim’s visit was carried out with the intention of benchmarking the management of UPI’s international cooperation, especially those in the Directorate of International Affairs. The activity took place at the University Center Building, 3rd Floor. The visit was a meeting place between universities involved in the field of education which took place offline on a limited basis.
According to Dr.Nanang Nurdin, comparative studies are something that Wahid Hasyim University needs in order to add insight, strengthen brotherhood, and Uthlubul ‘ilma, so that we won’t be good at cages, and UPI is one of the references for benchmarking for Wahid Hasyim University. We try to see the outside world. In the world there are many things we need to learn.

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